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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」?documentary gestures 27-May-2017 20# fine tuning
「商業的結構」是什麼? the architectures of commerce 12-Dec-2015 13# on production
什麼是一個「開放平台」? what is an open platform? 01-Aug-2014 14# moments of convergence
詞語 words 05-Aug-2018 41# txt/pdf/html
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WeChat conversation between artist and 曲一箴 Twist QU Yizhen
13-Sep-2018 - found key

攝影 photo // 阿科 a KE

WeChat conversation between artist and Twist QU

攝影 photo // 阿科 a KE

    "描述的邀请 An Invitation to Describe"
《八家》Bajia, Issue 02
Jul-2018 -
    "Display Distribute: Holy Motors, Hong Kong"
朱珮璧 Ingrid Pui Yee CHU, Frieze, Issue 188
Summer-2017 -
    "都市折叠 Rebel Cities" (review)
《艺术界》Leap, No. 45
May/Jun-2017 -
    "何颖雅,iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter 目录"
《艺术世界》Art World, Issue 318
May-2017 -
    "乌有乡消息维度 News from Nowhere" (review of 都市折叠 Rebel Cities at Yang Art Museum)
《艺术世界》Art World, Issue 317

Apr-2017 -
    "Organization-in-Between: Art, Activism and Commodification"
Art in Context: Conversations with and between Art and Cultural Practitioners, Goethe Intitute

2016 -
    "Zeit-Ton Magazin"
Astrid SCHWARZ, Ö1 Radio Austria
20-Jan-2016 -
    "Alternative Spaces in China: Boundaries Between the Institutional and the Individual"
SU Wei, Dreams of Art Spaces Collected
2015 -
Two Roads Diverged: The Beijing International",
张桂才 Alexandra BROCKETT,《艺术界》Leap, Vol. 32

Mar/Apr-2015 -
    "Precarity Pilot: HomeShop", interview by Brave New Alps,
Jan-2015 -
    "Measures of Distance (to HomeShop): A Conversation
with Elaine W. Ho and Edward Sanderson", Paul GLADSTON,
Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Vol. 1, No. 23

2014 -
    "跳出北京 Escape Beijing", 盧燕珊 LO Yinshan,
《經濟日報》 Economic Times
13-Dec-2013 -
    "Making Moves: Interview with HomeShop", Ming LIN, ArtAsiaPacific blog 30-Apr-2013 -
    "创意百人 100% Creative Icons", 易洪波 YI Hongbo,《新视线》The Outlook, Issue 128 Dec-2012 -
    "HomeShop: Research-based Practice and the Spirit of the Hutong", Jason WAITE, Art Papers
Sep-2012 -
    "千面女性千种主义", 朱洁树, 《东方早报》 26-Dec-2011 -
    "何颖雅:以声音为平台进行交流",《99艺术网》,王馨卉 23-Jun-2011 -
    "Noise and Context", Edward SANDERSON, 20-Jun-2011 -
    "何颖雅和她的家作坊", 张小船 Boat ZHANG,
《艺术世界》Art World, No. 250
Mar-2011 -
    "Growing Pains", Edward SANDERSON,   
21-Feb-2011 -
    "家作坊和《穿》", 卢迎华 Carol Yinghua LU, ed. 《艺术文献》 Fine Arts Literature, Vol. 70 Feb-2011 -
    "访何颖雅《穿 wear》杂志主编", LOVA,
17-Feb-2011 -
    "The Gopher Hole: An art report from London",
Catherine RIVA,
20-Dec-2010 -
    "Busy Beehive", Edward SANDERSON, 6-Dec-2010 -
    "Alternative Spaces, Alternative Strategies", Edward SANDERSON, 《艺术界》Leap, No. 6 Dec-2010 -
    "Reflections on Beijing's Edible Art" , Edward SANDERSON, 22-Nov-2010 -
    "Little Movements", 卢迎华 Carol Yinghua LU,
《艺术典藏國際版》Yishu Journal of Contemporary Art,
Volume 9, No. 5
Sep/Oct-2010 -
    "500 Words: Elaine W. Ho", interview by Lee AMBROZY, 15-Jul-2010 -
    "何穎雅谈家作坊与《穿》 第二期" interview by Lee AMBROZY, 11-Jul-2010 -
    "Alternatives: HomeShop", interview by Edward
19-Jun-2010 -
    "Emporium: A New Common Sense of Space",
《艺术典藏國際版》Yishu Journal of Contemporary Art,
Volume 9, No. 2
Mar/Apr-2010 -
    "Balanced Budgets", Nataranjan BOHIDAR, Doors of
01-Mar-2010 -
    "颖雅的四合院 Elaine's Home Workshop", 方丹敏 Barbara FANG,《大学生》China Campus, Issue 124 Dec-2009 -
    "Beijing Apartments", Apartamento, No. 4 Winter-2009 -
    "Far, yet close by", 《环球时报》Global Times 23-Oct-2009 -
    "Chinese artist-run spaces rise up again?", Art Radar Asia 18-May-2009 -
    "Don't Stop: Doing Art Potluck Style", 卢迎华 Carol
Yinghua LU, e-flux journal #5
Apr-2009 -
    "Observing Chinese contemporary art through writings", Research Log, 亞洲藝術文獻庫 Asia Art Archive Mar-2009 -
    "Best of 2008", Robin Peckham, ArtForum (Chinese
10-Dec-2008 -
    "Home in shop, neighbors in home", 17-Aug-2008 -
    "胡同一家 A Home in the Lane", 《新浪财经》Sina Finance 16-Aug-2008 -
    "CHAN Studio", Perspective Oct-2008 -
    "另外一种设计 Another Kind of Design", 《青年潮流》创意杂志
, Issue 5
2008 -
    "The Secret Life of Expired Objects", Guerrilla
28-Jan-2007 -
    "Finding a common place at Stars & Rain", Nov-2005 -
    "Charity Activity Starts to Help Autistic Kids", 27-Nov-2005 -
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