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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」? documentary gestures 27-May-2017 20# fine tuning
「商業的結構」是什麼? the architectures of commerce 12-Dec-2015 13# on production
什麼是一個「開放平台」? what is an open platform? 01-Aug-2014 14# moments of convergence
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25-Mar-2019 - 散文 contributor
  PARASITE, (or polygamy) Jul-2018 ed of 8 artist edition
  目錄 CATALOGUE』number two
Sep-2017 ed of 500 co-editor
  穿 Wear journal number three
Sep-2012 ed of 800 editor
Aug-2011 ed of 300 co-editor
  穿 Wear journal number two
May-2010 ed of 500 editor
  穿 Wear journal number one
Dec-2008 ed of 1000 editor
  iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter number two
Jun-2006 ed of 100 artist edition
  Wear [iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter number one]
May-2006 ed of 300 artist edition
Apr-2003 ed of 300 editor
  "Leave Your Notebooks, But You Can't Leave the Factory"
Radio Kosaten journal #01

Fall-2017 2hr47m conversation PDF [中文/EN]
  "Post on the Post-Salon"
上午艺术空间 am Art Space, reprinted Jul-2018 in issue 331 of 《艺术世界 Art World》, reprinted Jul-2018 in issue 331 of 《艺术世界 Art World

30-Jun-2017 1344words html [EN/中文]
  "Buku Jalanan's Politics of the Street: Zikri RAHMAN in conversation with Elaine W. Ho"
"Questions out of the Demonstration Area: LEE Chun Fung in conversation with Elaine W. Ho"
"Adding Letters to our TransActions: YEOH Lianheng in conversation with Elaine W. Ho"
Art in Context / Learning from the Field: Conversations with and between art and cultural practitioners
edited by Herman Bashiron MENDOLICCHIO and Susanne BOSCH

2017 12228words PDF [EN]
  "Two Footnotes on Language and Power"
Ausreißer: Die Grazer Wandzeitung, #70

Jul-2016 966words html [DE]
  "什么是‘好机构’? What is a 'good institution'?"
《箭厂空间四年书》Arrow Factory: The Next Four Years

Dec-2015 2219words essay
If it is not the fact of the memory nor coincidence that matter per se, then what is it?"
Per Se, artist edition by Nina SCHUIKI

22-Oct-2015 1249words artist text [EN/中文]
  "Communities, Narration and (In)dependence"
Politics and Aesthetics of Creativity: City, Culture
and Space in East Asia

edited by PAN Lv, Dixon WONG Heung-Wah, Karin CHAU

Oct-2015 10213words peer-reviewed
journal article
  "心瓣运动请继续:谈一场集体的恋爱 On the Ongoing Labours of Love:
HomeShop Opens and Closes, Opens and Closes"
《艺术世界》Art World
co-written with 张小船 Boat ZHANG

Apr-2015 2588words PDF [中文]
  "Between 缘分 Yuanfen, Real Estate, and Serendipity"
家作坊 HomeShop interviewed by Binna CHOI & Maiko TANAKA
Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook
edited by Binna CHOI & Maiko TANAKA

Sep-2014 4955words interview
  "Who Goes, Where Are? [part 4]: Documentation as gesture in alternative art practices of contemporary China"
co-written with Edward SANDERSON

2266words performance documentation
  "(An) Open (and) Failure", in conjuction with Squatting Knowledges: Failure/s in a constellation and as a tribunal, curated by DiscLab Research and Criticism

Nov-2014 5jpgs notes
  "The Losers of Chinese Contemporary Art"
San Francisco Art Quarterly

Aug-2014 1572words essay
  "組織|大眾 Organisation-At-Large"
《假如(在一起)Can We Live (Together)》catalogue text

01-Aug-2014 2017words PDF [EN/中文]
  "Hong Kong Currents"
co-written with Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA

25-Apr-2014 2149words essay
Cluster Dialectionary: Terminology of the Future
edited by Binna CHOI, Maria LIND, Emily PETHICK & Nataša PETREŠIN-BACHELEZ

Jul-2014 948words dictionary entry
  "附录的附录 Attachments to the Appendix"
edited by Michael EDDY & Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA

22-Dec-2013 1526words PDF [中文/EN]
Editorial: The Library by soundpocket

18-Dec-2013 1465words PDF [EN]
  "致X作者的一則公報 Accomunique to Author X"
Reverse Niche: Dialogue and Rebuilding at the City's Edge
, edited by 柯念璞 Alice KO
画册 catalogue, Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei TW

Sep-2013 2480words PDF [EN/中文]
  "Keeping it Real: Art, Activism and the 'East Asia Multitude'"
Institution for the Future
edited by Biljana CIRIC & Sally LAI
Chinese Art Centre, Manchester UK

Sep-2012 3529words essay
Croquis issue 4: 未知物世界 For The Unknowns

Mar-2012 4kb ASCII signature
"The YellowSide Daily Letters to the Editor"
co-written with HomeShop
A Museum That is Not: Reflection, Representation, Resonance
curated and edited by 蔡影茜 Nikita CHOI
画册 catalogue, Guangdong Times Museum, Guangdong CN

Feb-2012 5633words letters to the editor
  "The Klashinkof and the Longbeard"
proposal for 「艺术世界」Art World magazine

08-Sep-2011 172kb PDF [EN]
  "17 Days in Beijing: Screen of Consciousness on the Micropolitical"
co-written with Sean SMITH
Public, No. 40

Jun-2010 3863words peer-reviewed
journal article
"Grandpa, Old Zhang, Brother Gao and Big Beard in the
small village in the city"
《城市画报》 City Pictorial, No. 22

28-Nov-2009 1.8mb PDF [EN]
PDF [中文]
  "Unlayering the Relational: Microaesthetics and Micropolitics"
co-presented with Sean SMITH
MediaModes conference, School of Visual Arts, New York

14-Nov-2009 152mb PDF
  "Emancipating 'Fashion': Notes on Dress and Politics"

11-Jul-2009 41kb essay
"HomeShop Series number one: GAMES 2008 off the Map"
《城市中国》 Urban China, Issue 33

Dec-2008 4.5mb html [EN]
PDF [中文]
  "Before and During and After"

17-Jun-2008 41kb essay
  "Toward a Theory of the Designwork"

19-Feb-2007 66kb essay
  "Cast a Thought"
TimeOut Beijing, Issue 10

Jul-2005 911words investigative journalism
  "On the Practice of Everyday Life"

28-Feb-2005 33kb essay
別處 elsewhere 25-Mar-2019 64# html
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