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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」? documentary gestures  
  Resident, or Resident Evil, or This Minor
    Contextualisation of a Particular Temporality Known as
    Publishing on the Run
24-Sep-2022 435kb
  谁人往,向何处? Who Goes, Where Are? 27-May-2017 448kb  
    Post-Personal (after having told the story of beginning
    to tell stories many times)
18-Mar-2016 680kb  
  arguing endlessly about something inherently agreed upon 19-Jan-2016 38.8mb  
  What can a phrase such as ‘natural course’ mean
    anymore in a time of such intense production? (Berlin)
30-Oct-2014 35.4mb  
    What can a phrase such as ‘natural course’ mean
    anymore in a time of such intense production? (Guangzhou)
17-Jan-2014 874kb  
  明日大致多雲 Precipitations 26-Jun-2013 434kb  
  What can a phrase such as ‘natural course’ mean
    anymore in a time of such intense production? (Beirut)
01-Mar-2011 37mb  
  题为"如何孤单" The Title of the Show is "How To Be Alone" 11-Nov-2010 66.2mb  
  公众 Public 01-Feb-2009 1mb  
  北京欢迎你 Beijing Welcomes You 06-Aug-2008 73.7mb  
  理变奏曲 Variations on Lǐ 01-Jul-2008 21.1mb  
  We are all getting ready, or, I beg of you please 08-Nov-2007 44.4mb  
  Best Before __ /__ / __
collaboration with Fotini LAZARIDOU-HATZIGOGA and
山口明香 Asuka YAMAGUCHI
installation (expired objects, photographs, text)
commissioned by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
New York City, 2006

Maybe the date has long past. But somehow an object lingers. Something stays on the shelf, in the pocket of that old jacket, between the layers of dust and under the pillow. How many things do we hold on to long after they have expired? What happens after the expiration date has passed?

BEST BEFORE is an evolving project about the relationship between individual and object. Plastic bags have been placed on the doorsteps of homes throughout the New York City area, and individuals have contributed their 'expired' items, documented here as excerpts of small pasts in material form.

While these objects are recorded with the stories they contain, once they expire, their context, use and relationship to the owner can somehow be rendered blank again. It is from this point that we can begin to reflect again upon the very objecthood of a thing--what it is and what it isn't, its potential and its failures. This becomes a means to beg the question, to search the ambiguous boundaries between personal and public, reality and fantasy and/or object and space. We investigate ideas of how each moment of the everyday can be constructed and captured as chance possibility as much as documented reality. It is a way of finding context within the city, playing with our constructions of daily life and reinventing them as both proposals and chance encounters with the everyday.

The collection was exhibited in October 2006 as an installation and photographic archive in lower Manhattan and is now fully documented on the BEST BEFORE website as an online record.
29-Oct-2006 463kb

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  Wherever we go, we walk in circles everyday. 17-Jun-2006 75.2mb
  Lesson: Kyoto, 7 February 2006 07-Feb-2006 8.5kb
  One-thousand-and-two, south or southwesterly... Jun-2004 58.5mb
  Jabbeke Apr-2004 12.6kb
  For Ann, Building a House Jan-2004 28.1mb
  Correction Coefficients Jan-2004 24.9mb
21-Jul-2024 635kb
「商業的結構」是什麼? the architectures of commerce 21-Jul-2024 14#
什麼是一個「開放平台」? what is an open platform? 03-Sep-2017 15#
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