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什麼是“記錄的動靜”? documentary gestures 18-Mar-2016 20# fine tuning
什麼是“交易的建構”? the architectures of commerce 12-Dec-2015 13# on production
什麼是“開放平台”? what is an open platform?      
  Exercises on the Open Platform: Oil Street 01-Aug-2014 --kb  
  家作坊 HomeShop 31-Dec-2013 926kb  
  WE 卡拉OK! WE KARAOKE! 01-Sep-2013 --kb  
  会所 The Meeting Room 12-Jan-2013 1.5mb  
  Getting cold this time of year 10-Dec-2010 156kb  
  里九外七 Overseas, Close by 24-Oct-2009 58mb  
  Slow Sayonara 15-Jun-2006 9mb  
  Holland Papier Biennale
collaboration with 何京蕴 Anouchka van DRIEL and
山口明香 Asuka YAMAGUCHI

We make Tyvek paper dresses for the Papier Biennale at the CODA modern/contemporary art museum in Apeldoorn. A standard form is given away to visitors, and the museum becomes workshop, arts and craft, runway. Stations are placed in several locations throughout the museum spaces, offering various potential accoutrements to the standardised paper dress. Everyone seems to have fun, except the young metal kids outside, who would probably remain indifferent to a biennial about paper and a standardised white paper dress. We don't know, but we go outside to see what they would think about a workshop about paper, arts and craft, or a runway. Permanent markers and white surfaces are neat. A nice group photo.
20-Aug-2004 892kb

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  Colour Meals Spring 2004 454kb
  Furt / Orange - Modern 17-May-2004 299kb
  You can be everywhere 18-Jan-2003 188kb
  Durchgang I Jun-2002 376kb
  Two lefts, two rights 26-Jun-2002 49kb
  One Night Stand 13-Apr-2002 942kb
詞語 words 14-Jul-2016 36#
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