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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」? documentary gestures  
  Resident, or Resident Evil, or This Minor
    Contextualisation of a Particular Temporality Known as
    Publishing on the Run
24-Sep-2022 435kb
  谁人往,向何处? Who Goes, Where Are? 27-May-2017 448kb  
    Post-Personal (after having told the story of beginning
    to tell stories many times)
18-Mar-2016 680kb  
  arguing endlessly about something inherently agreed upon 19-Jan-2016 38.8mb  
  What can a phrase such as ‘natural course’ mean
    anymore in a time of such intense production? (Berlin)
30-Oct-2014 35.4kb  
    What can a phrase such as ‘natural course’ mean
    anymore in a time of such intense production? (Guangzhou)
17-Jan-2014 874kb  
  明日大致多雲 Precipitations 26-Jun-2013 434kb  
  What can a phrase such as ‘natural course’ mean
    anymore in a time of such intense production? (Beirut)
01-Mar-2011 37mb  
  题为"如何孤单" The Title of the Show is "How To Be Alone" 11-Nov-2010 66.2mb  
  公众 Public 01-Feb-2009 1mb  
  北京欢迎你 Beijing Welcomes You 06-Aug-2008 73.7mb  
  理变奏曲 Variations on Lǐ 01-Jul-2008 21.1mb  
  We are all getting ready, or, I beg of you please
digital video, 20'11"
inkjet prints on paper (studies)

This work is a documentation of a series of 生活盗版, or 'life bootlegs', recorded and performed in various locations in Beijing during the summer of 2005. The capturing of these mundane physical activities involving exercise and play was inspired by the coming of the 2008 Olympics, an event for which the entire city has been preparing and a catalyst of the last few years' desperate desire for representation of a world-worthy Beijing. By creating copies of these basic gestures within public space, such representation is distanced from the reality, and we must look for what small truths may or may not exist between what we conscientiously attempt to do, and what simply is.

这个作品是关于“生活盗版“的系列纪录。在05年的夏天,我们盗版了北京各处的城市生活细节。我们录下那些无聊的生活,人们在运动和休闲中迎接奥运会的到 来。在为奥运会准备的那几年里,中国不顾一切的表现自己是一个有影响力的国家。在观看那些城市生活的盗版中,我们能够更好的感受现实与视像的区别。也许我 们能够发现,那些小小的真实就存在于视像与现实之中。

Thank you to 催凯旋 Cassidy CUI and 何京蕴 Anouchka van DRIEL, MENG Jingshu, 盟彤 MENG Tong and ZHAO Wei.
08-Nov-2007 44.4mb digital video, 3'30" excerpt from 20'11"

video stills inkjet prints on paper, image /

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