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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」? documentary gestures 24-Sep-2022 21# fine tuning
「商業的結構」是什麼? the architectures of commerce 21-Jun-2024 14# on production
什麼是一個「開放平台」? what is an open platform?  
  radioHED 03-Sep-2017 905kb radio mushroom
  Exercises on the Open Platform: Oil Street 19-Oct-2014 --kb screening hut
  家作坊系列一号:08奥运 HomeShop Series No. 1: GAMES '08 31-Dec-2013 926kb situated activities
  WE 卡拉OK! WE KARAOKE! 01-Sep-2013 --kb street performance
  会所 The Meeting Room 12-Jan-2013 1.5mb meetings
  Getting cold this time of year 10-Dec-2010 156kb objects & situations
  里九外七 Overseas, Close by 24-Oct-2009 58mb dinner party
  Slow Sayonara 15-Jun-2006 9mb performance
  Holland Papier Biennale 20-Aug-2004 892kb workshop
  Colour Meals Spring 2004 454kb food
  Furt / Orange - Modern 17-May-2004 299kb clothing
  You can be everywhere 18-Jan-2003 188kb intervention
  Durchgang I Jun-2002 376kb clothing
  Two lefts, two rights 26-Jun-2002 49kb installation
  One Night Stand 13-Apr-2002 942kb intervention
詞語 words Summer-2019 44# txt/pdf/html
別處 elsewhere 21-Jun-2024 69# html
in other words [about 關於⋯⋯] 2022 05# studies on representation
聯繫 contact - 01# e-mail

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