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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」? documentary gestures 18-Mar-2016 20# fine tuning
「商業的結構」是什麼? the architectures of commerce 30-May-2024 14# on production
什麼是一個「開放平台」? what is an open platform?      
  radioHED 03-Sep-2017 905kb  
  Exercises on the Open Platform: Oil Street 19-Oct-2014 --kb  
  家作坊系列一号:08奥运 HomeShop Series No. 1: GAMES '08 24-Aug-2008 926kb  
  WE 卡拉OK! WE KARAOKE! 01-Sep-2013 --kb  
  会所 The Meeting Room 12-Jan-2013 1.5mb  
  Getting cold this time of year 10-Dec-2010 156kb  
  里九外七 Overseas, Close by
initiated with 张秀娥 Monika TRUONG & 张秀芳 Simone TRUONG
workshop, performance, installation
commissioned project of the Pro-Helvetia 2008-2010 Swiss-China Cultural Explorations programme
Zürich & Beijing, 2008-2009

The term ‘overseas’ references those of Chinese heritage living outside of China, but rather than any claims to a particular identity, the OVERSEAS, close by project worked as a collaborative journey exploring identity as both a daily routine and a performance.

OVERSEAS, close by developed as a series of workshops, movement research and video explorations between Zürich and Beijing. After an initial phase of interviews and a performance in Switzerland, investigations brought the team to Beijing, where for three months in 2009 the initiators and a team of local artists and performers lived and worked intensively within a traditional siheyuan courtyard in the centre of Beijing, using the site as workspace, living space and point of inspiration for a series of confrontations and exchanges between daily life and representation, language and meaning, the ordinary and the extraordinary. A summer workshop with local members of the deaf community involved a series of exercises in cooking, narrative building, and visual explorations of gestural intimacy. The resulting documentation and videos were installed throughout the courtyard studio as part of the site-specific multidisciplinary dinner performance OVERSEAS, close by.

Artists and performers in collaboration
小河 Xiao HE (CN), 李珂 LI Ke (CN), 梁硕 LIANG Shuo (CN), 刘斌 LIU Bin (CN), 刘亚囡 LIU Yanan (CN), Aloun MARCHAL (FR), 萧薇 XIAO Wei (CN)

Workshop participants
小白 Xiao BAI, 陈延娜 CHEN Yanna, 邓利 DENG Li, 高向昱 GAO Xiangyu, 谷福英 GU Fuying, 贾永明 GU Yongming, 恒道福 HENG Daofu, 柯玉德 KE Yude, 利相亭 LI Xiangting, 刘瑛 LIU Ying, 王美林 WANG Meilin, 王硕 WANG Shuo, 王旭 WANG Xu, 汪洋 WANG Yang, 徐华 XU Hua, 杨鸽 YANG GE, 杨哓梅 YANG Xiaomei


Project consultants
刘鼎 LIU Ding (CN), 卢迎华 Carol LU Yinghua (CN)

Production manager
裴延丰 Jam PEI (CN)
24-Oct-2009 58mb

4'44" excerpt from approximately 2 hrs
  Slow Sayonara 15-Jun-2006 9mb
  Holland Papier Biennale 20-Aug-2004 892kb
  Colour Meals Spring 2004 454kb
  Furt / Orange - Modern 17-May-2004 299kb
  You can be everywhere 18-Jan-2003 188kb
  Durchgang I Jun-2002 376kb
  Two lefts, two rights 26-Jun-2002 49kb
  One Night Stand 13-Apr-2002 942kb
詞語 words Summer-2019 44#
別處 elsewhere 30-May-2024 69#
in other words [about 關於⋯⋯] 2022 05#
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