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  Slow Sayonara
collaboration with 小林香利 Yukari KOBAYASHI and 杉本萌 Megumi SUGIMOTO
variation of Dan GRAHAM's "Performer / Audience / Mirror"
supported by the International Research Center for the Arts
Galerie Aube, Kyoto

A performer [three performers] faces a seated [standing] audience. Behind [before] the performer[s], covering the entire back wall (which is facing or parallel to the frontal view of the seated audience members) is [are] a [six] mirror[s].

STAGE 1: The [first] performer[s] faces [away] the audience. [S]He begins continuously describing him[her]self--his [her] external features [thought and actions]--although looking [away from] in the direction of the audience. [S]He does this for [the duration that she is cutting hair] about 5 minutes.
STAGE 2: The [second] performer continues to face [away from] the audience [seated while having hair cut]. [S]He observes [the audience in the mirror] and then phenomenologically describes the audience's external appearance for [the duration that her hair is cut] about 5 minutes.
STAGE 3: The performer faces the [performer having her hair cut] mirror (his [her] back turned to the audience) [most often seated]. [S]He continuously describes [her actions and external features] him[her]self (as in STAGE 1).
STAGE 4: The performer faces the mirror. [S]He observes and describes the audience (as in STAGE 3). [When they feel it is time to rotate, they do so, alternating every 5-10 minutes until the haircutting is complete and everyone has left.]
Further Stages may be any of the first 4 Stages, in any order.
-Taken from UbuWeb with [additions to the original]

Enormous thanks to IIDA Takayo and HAYASHI Tomoko for last minute insertions.
15-Jun-2006 9mb

14'09" audio excerpt from approximately 2 hours (binaural sound, best heard with headphones)
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