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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」? documentary gestures 18-Mar-2016 20# fine tuning
「商業的結構」是什麼? the architectures of commerce 21-Jun-2024 14# on production
什麼是一個「開放平台」? what is an open platform?      
workshop, FM radio station and installation
in collaboration with Jong PAIREZ, including contributions from BORROWMAN, Warit BURANAPATTAMA, Deun CHONGMANKHONG, Kamolaka JITTARUTTHA, Oat Sankrit KULMANOCHAWONG, Nawin NUTHONG, School of Improper Education, Keiki SEI, Chulayarnnon SIRIPHOL, Op SUDASNA, Nicha WACHPANICH, Brian WICE, et al.
commissioned by Judha SU for To Whom it May Concern, Bangkok City City Gallery

In the Thai language, the phoneme ‘HED’ can mean ‘เห็ด mushroom’, but in the northeastern Isan dialect it can also mean ‘เฮ็ด do’. The name #radioHED thus came about as the result of a ‘doing together’, whereby a workshop on independent radio production led to a ‘contaminated collaboration’ as inspired by readings from anthropologist Anna LOWENHAUPT-TSING’s The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins. For the one-month span of the group exhibition To Whom it May Concern, a softly-enclosed pavilion housed the self-organised radio station, hosting shows from workshop participants, other artists as well as casual visitors interested in impromptu broadcasts of their own music, talks and sound experiments.
03-Sep-2017 905kb

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6'55" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes: A Playlist Dialogue with Elaine W. HO and Jong PAIREZ (part 01)

18'32" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes (part 02): from Paul CHAN, on the Politics and Aesthetics of Easy Listening

12'32" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes (part 03): Jong's Personal History through Punk

1°13'31" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes (part 04): A Narrative of Filipino Punk

1°19'30" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes (part 05): Elaine's Personal History through Hong Kong pop, mainstream radio, R&B and New Wave

39'05" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes (part 06): Racial Aesthetics and Music: Asian-American 90s

35'15" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes (part 07): Punk subculture and filipino diaspora, Keiko SEI entering the radioHED mushroom, migrant punk, subcultures via the internet, music and community as a question of access, karaoke as the generational identifier, mini-FM movement in Japan and the intimacy of distance

31'17" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes (part 08): American colonialism of Japan and the 'sukiyaki' song, J-Pop and K-Pop, regional unification via Teresa TENG, inter-Asian pop band training, 'anything "J" is so not cosmopolitan', Burmese punk coming to Thailand, hip-hop as a punk breakaway, metal-core

7'55" Dissensus, Diaspora and Tunes (part 09): metal-core to rap-core, wrap-up

  Exercises on the Open Platform: Oil Street
  家作坊系列一号:08奥运 HomeShop Series No. 1: GAMES '08 24-Aug-2008 926kb  
  WE 卡拉OK! WE KARAOKE! 01-Sep-2013 --kb
  会所 The Meeting Room 12-Jan-2013 1.5mb
  Getting cold this time of year 10-Dec-2010 156kb
  里九外七 Overseas, Close by 24-Oct-2009 58mb
  Slow Sayonara 15-Jun-2006 9mb
  Holland Papier Biennale 20-Aug-2004 892kb
  Colour Meals Spring 2004 454kb
  Furt / Orange - Modern 17-May-2004 299kb
  You can be everywhere 18-Jan-2003 188kb
  Durchgang I Jun-2002 376kb
  Two lefts, two rights 26-Jun-2002 49kb
  One Night Stand 13-Apr-2002 942kb
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