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  CHAN Store
collaboration with 何京蕴 Anouchka van DRIEL, 長岡法秀 Hoshu NAGAOKA and 谢婷婷 Hailey XIE
sound installation with commercial fixtures (hangers, changing station, register, POS machine, signage, fake flowers)
commissioned by Get it Louder
Guangzhou/Shanghai/Beijing, 2007

Sustainable design doesn't always exist when we have to sell products as first priority, when the moment of attraction, and transaction, are all that counts. There is no future.

We can buy again and again.

But if we wanted something more, could a promise be made? Can sustainability enter the market in terms of lasting relationships, finding continuity and the passing of time?

Would we be able to connect to the future as much as we remember the past?

Things turn over again.

There is nothing for sale in the CHAN shop, no fashion images and no pushy sales attendants. The installation presents a series of recordings made from conversations with people about their clothing and the way that the manufacture of garments relates to the most intimate parts of everyday life. Fashion design and the clothing industry exist here outside of trend, perhaps in a space where memory and experience can outweigh a sales figure or another quick turnover.






CHAN的货架上没有衣服,店里也没有过分热情的导购和任何时尚的痕迹,取而代之的是一系列录音。您能听到许多普通人关于他们的衣服的自白,而在那背后是 与服装行业密不可分的日常生活。在我们的店里,所谓的服装设计不因潮流而存在。它或许存在于您的记忆和经历里,远比任何销售数字更加永恒。
20-Aug-2004 892kb

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Documentation images by Anouchka van Driel, 何穎雅 Elaine W. Ho and Get it Louder.

audio excerpt from installation, 07'18"
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