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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」? documentary gestures 24-Sep-2022 21#  
「商業的結構」是什麼? the architectures of commerce      
  圍群 Monument of Apron 12-Apr-2024  
  制作摸泥摸泥摸泥 How to Make Moni-Moni-Moni 12-Dec-2015 1.06mb  
  展销场第五期: 水货 Display Distribute No. 5: Parallel Trade 06-Nov-2015 --kb  
  女泉: 重要中药 NvQuan: Important Medicine 31-Dec-2013 926kb  
  我爱你家 I Love Your Home 12-Jan-2013 1.5mb  
  女泉: 关于生产 Nv Quan: On Production 10-Dec-2010 156kb  
  The Cover of the Society of the Spectacle 08-Sep-2009 524kb  
  你的臭艺术 Your Art Stinks 24-Oct-2009 58mb  
  小卖部 Corner Shop 15-Jun-2006 9mb  
  CHAN Store 20-Aug-2004 892kb  
  Living, Make-up, Waiting Spring 2004 454kb  
  Wear [iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter number one]
clothing catalogue
25 cm x 18 cm, saddle-stitched
62 pages, edition of 300
supported by the International Research Center for the Arts Kyoto

All items from one person's wardrobe are reinserted into market circulation by means of a mail-order magazine. Product placement, styling and the language of fashion turn history, memory and wear back towards the anonymity of manufacturing processes and design detail.

Items were sold and/or given away to customers at the same cost they were originally acquired, and participants were asked to photograph themselves with their new purchase. Copies to be given away as per availability. For inquiries or more information, contact wear[at]iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter[dot]net.
17-May-2004 299kb

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image 10: at left, KOMUTA in B102 crushed wool utility short; at right, HAYASHI wears B107 pleated culotte and SHIMONISHI wears T107 two-layer mock turtleneck
image 11: at left, SHIMONISHI in 0112 Northeastern floral print Chinese army coat; at right, ASANO in J101 502 jeans
image 12: at left, fashion students wear S102 gay man's shoes (silver) and B101 skinny trousers; at right, SUGIMOTO in F106 frock dress

  Coat Jun-2002 376kb  
  Inflate Interface 26-Jun-2002 49kb  
什麼是一個「開放平台」? what is an open platform? 03-Sep-2017 15#  
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