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  女泉: 重要中药 NvQuan: Important Medicine
performance collaboration with 高灵 Gao LING
《我们》exhibition, curated by 陈畅 Abby CHEN
EMG 大石馆, Shanghai

Based upon a long springtime tradition from Zhejiang Province, the medicinal qualities of eggs boiled with young boys' urine are invigorated with a NvQuan kind of distiller's twist. Served on toothpicks with the pungent appeal of a stinky tofu, revitalizing for all.

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高灵 GAO Ling,小龙花 Xiaolonghua

About 女泉 Nv Quan
Nv Quan is not about convenience. Everything has been done before us, everything as measure of progress, like yeah, it's taken a long time to come to now. Nv Quan is no Duchampian overturn, no Lady Gaga feeding frenzy, nor even a "real free true lady artist" as worthy of the great Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. No, Nv Quan is just a delicate, hand-held little thing. We're lovely in tiles, we're lovely in the great outdoors, we're taking a piss.

“女泉”的诞生其实并不是为了“便利”。前人的努力推动了历史的进步,今天的成绩也是经历了很长的时间才达到( 现在 )。 “女泉”不是杜尚式的颠覆,也不是Lady Gaga式的疯狂搞笑,更不是前卫艺术家Baroness Elsa那样的“真正解放的女性艺术家”式的作品。“女泉”,只是一个小巧精致的手持漏斗。在洗手间也好,在户外也 罢,我们都可以撒尿!

16-Dec-2011 164kb

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