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  Living, Make-up, Waiting
3-channel digital A/V installation in public space,
2' loop
supported by the International Research Center for the Arts
Shop windows of Ikezen cosmetics store, Shijo and Kawaramachi streets, Kyoto 2006

In preparation for the work "Wherever we go, we walk in circles everyday", I temporarily volunteered to take over the job of a tissue kubari distributor on the corner of Shijo and Kawaramachi streets in the center of Kyoto city. During this period, I handed free tissue packets (supported by advertising inserts) to passersby, placing personal letters into the hands of those who were willing to take them. These letters were an introduction to my work in Kyoto, an advertisement and an open call for participants in a video documentary project. I did not receive a single response to these letters, but later I returned to this corner and befriended the owner of the cosmetics shop there, who kindly allowed me to display a short video loop in his shop window's television display. The accompanying audio recordings include language drills in Japanese, featuring various verb tenses to describe "living in Kyoto", "wearing make-up" and "waiting".

Special thank you to 株式会社池善化粧品店 IKEZEN Cosmetic Company, Ltd.
Spring 2004 454kb

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2'06" loop

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