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什麼是一種「記錄姿態的行為」? documentary gestures 22-Sep-2022 21#  
「商業的結構」是什麼? the architectures of commerce      
  圍群 Monument of Apron
webshop of ideas, notations, references
with contributions by 鄭子翹 Sonia CHENG、何穎雅 Elaine W. HO、凌明 Ming LIN、刘颖 Dongdong LIU Ying、Desireè MARIANINI、瞿暢 QU Chang、吳索 Amy Suo WU、谭争劼 TAN Zhengjie

「圍群碑」於2015年開鋪,它是一個實驗性的電子商務閱讀體驗,亦是藝術研究團體「展銷場」與合作者們的在線筆記本 。「圍群碑」供應的「產品」圍繞過去及當下的女性及分散式勞動,呈現庫存超量的項目與觀察,過剩的思考與交易。 在這裡, 「購買」一篇文章的前提是顧客需要經歷全新的價值評估,店鋪內一系列的問題試圖顛倒生產者和消費者的關係。顧客的 「滿足」——亞馬遜最邪惡的笑臉口號——需要他們自己的努力。


Monument of Apron opened shop in 2015 as an experimental e-commerce reading experience and the online notebook of various co-conspirators along with artistic research collective Display Distribute. Collating both old and new labours of networked, female work, its 'products' feature the overstock of various projects and observations along with a surplus of thought and transaction. To 'purchase' an article here demands a re-evaluation, turning the dynamic of producer and consumer on its head with a series of questions. Be prepared to work for your 'fulfillment'.

Monument of Apron, or 圍群——a word play combining 圍裙 wéiqún (apron), that timeless utilitarian garment, with 群 qún (group, crowd, caboodle or gang)——considers all those relegated to under-compensated, thankless tasks and encourages the donning of the apron. The pocketed apron lends itself further to secrecy and theft—caching what’s owed and stowing it away for otherwise circulations. An apron is also a protector and shield. For the aproned squad, communication across picket fences and gossip are key forms of solidarity——modes of redistributive practice towards an undercommons.
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